Great words. Great pictures. Great people. One great story.

We like to think of it as the lifeblood of advertising. No matter what form of media it ends up in, the combination of great words and pictures tell a story quickly and effectively, and leave you begging for more. So turn [click] a few pages and see what we mean.

Our point of view.

At Burris Creative Marketing we're probably best known for our creativity. Hence, our name. But strange as it may sound, we found that creativity is not our goal. That's why you'll find a strategic marketing direction behind everything we do. Regardless of how big or small the project may be. We know that in the end, great ideas are only creative if they achieve results. And it's amazing how strategically planned and executed thinking can lead to some amazing creative ideas. So you might call us a marketing idea agency.

Once upon a time.

Everyone loves a great story. And people love telling them, too. So when you boil down the entire marketing strategy, research, and brand discovery it really comes down to one simple thing. Telling a great story about a great company like yours. And telling the same story over and over again so that people interact with your story, believe your story, and eventually tell it to someone else. Great stories get around. That's the power of a great brand and what we think marketing and advertising is all about. So why not let us help tell your story.

How we do it.

First we listen. Then we learn. We get an understanding of our client's business, their business needs and their business competition. Then we think. We strategize. And finally we create. We develop great ideas that connect people to brands by capturing their attention and emotions that change behavior. Great ideas give the audience credit for being smart. Simply put we develop IDEAS that engage people and grow business. You can call it what you want. But when you get right down to it we're in the business of generating ideas. Ideas that tell your story in a way that leaves you wanting more.

What We've Done

As cliché as it might sound, there’s really not much we haven’t done. Pretty much everything from brand strategy to windows. And if you like marketing buzzwords just look at this impressive list we put together. Whew…that’s some list! We’ve done it all and then some, but we’re always up for a new challenge, too.

  • Advertising

  • Radio

  • Television

  • Print

  • Outdoor

  • Copywriting

  • Art Direction & Design

  • Brand Identity

  • Strategic Planning

  • Marketing Consulting

  • Brand Strategy

  • Digital Media

  • Interactive Marketing

  • Web Design

  • Direct Marketing

  • Broadcast Production

  • Corporate Video

  • Retail Marketing

  • Sales Collateral

  • Sales Promotion & Support

  • Event Marketing

  • Employee Communications

  • Trade & Sales Promotion

  • Packaging

  • Social Media Marketing [We're fun people, too!]

Got Awards?

Oh sure, we've won lots and lots of awards. But who's counting? We've been recognized nationally, regionally, and locally. Everything from Telly's to Addy's to New York Art Director's, and then some. Awards are nice, but what we're most proud of is what people are saying about our clients and their success. And to us that always comes first.